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«From Student to Resident» – June 2019 session

As a student and/or professional in Spain, surely one of your goals is to succeed in your stay in the country where you move. How can you do it? There is nothing more effective to achieve it, than having reliable and first-hand information. With the assistance of professionals in legal and immigration field, who can solve your questions such as:

Are you a international student and want to work? Have you been offered employment and are you still studying? Do you want to start a business in Spain? Do you know which are the MODIFICATIONS IN THE LAW that benefit students and professionals?

In our FREE Information Session, «From Student to Resident,» you will find the answers to these and other questions.

When the international student arrives in Spain, he is faced with many procedures that he has to do in order to regularize his stay. However, often there are hard or tricky requirements to met and their processes is denied. For this reason, we recommend you to consult with professionals in the field of Immigration. At Habeas Legal Company, we are specialists in that matter.

Also, if you have been studying for a while and you wish to work or reside in Spain in the near future, you can do so as long as you fulfill with the points that the laws require in each one of the processes. In this session «From Student to Resident»  we inform you about these processes, such as: NIEs, Extensions, Work Permits, Denials, Visas, Business Development, Social Embeddedness, Social  Security, Work-Study Modification or Compatibility, etc … to achieve a RESIDENCE in Spain.

Additionally, we will promptly explain the modifications of RD 11/2018 TITLE III that since September 2018 are in force and that regulate foreign students, professionals and researchers, and through which you can benefit.

  • DATE:  Thursday, June 27th
  • TIME:  de 18:00 to 19:30 hrs.
  1.      Mir Geribert #8 ( Plaça Espanya subway)

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20 Jun 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


MEXCAT Barcelona
C Mir Geribert 8, 08014
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